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Get your boat ready for summer!

It's important to get your boat ready for summer to be sure it is in good condition and can be used safely. Here are some tips to get your boat ready:

  1. Give your boat an in-depth cleaning, inside and out, and top to bottom. Scrub the hull and deck, clean the seats, and finish with wiping down surfaces.

  2. Check your boat for damage. This includes cracks or leaks and look for signs that anything may be off with the propeller. Be sure to examine the steering and electrical system to make sure these items are in proper condition & working order.

  3. Check the fluid levels and top off/change any that need replenished or replaced, such as oil, coolant, and hydraulic fluid, etc.

  4. Make sure the battery has a good charge by testing it. Be sure to properly charge it before you take it out on the water.

  5. Ensure you have all the equipment that you will need for safety, and required by law. This may or may not include life jackets, flares, and a fire extinguishers. Once you locate these items, be sure to check the expiration dates.

  6. Boat registration is required by law and needs to be up to date. Confirm your insurance is active and has the proper coverage.

  7. Finally, once all of these steps are complete, go on a test run to make sure everything is operating right and to make sure everything feels good while you're on the water.

  8. Following these steps can ensure that your boat is ready for summer and that you can enjoy your time on it in safe operation so you can avoid any unexpected issues.



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